Collaborative Projects

The Child Welfare Institute (CWI) partners with diverse community to develop and conduct research and training. These collaborative projects inform best practices and ongoing change for Rhode Island's professionals who work with children, youth, and families.

CWI's current collaborative projects include:

Administration for Children and Families Grant

CWI is a partner with the Rhode Island Foster Parents Association (RIFPA) Children's Bureau federal grant (Outside to support RIFPA and nine partner agencies in efforts to establish permanent homes for the area's foster youth.

CWI's Creating Connections through Eco-Maps model is one of many resources being used to facilitate intensive search efforts to connect youth in care with biological family and other natural supports. CWI is supporting the RIFPA statewide efforts to share information and to train child welfare and community provider staff in high-tech search and collaboration practices.

US Department of Justice's Second Chance Act Family-Based Prison Substance Abuse Program

CWI is partnering with the RI Department of Corrections (DOC) on its Family-Based Prison Substance Abuse Program. Through this partnership, CWI will provide training support and the use of its Fathered to Fathering Maps as resources for fathers who are incarcerated at the DOC and planning to re-enter their families and communities. In addition to working with fathers, CWI will train DOC and community partners to use a unique father mapping tool to assist in work with fathers who are incarcerated at the DOC.

This collaboration allows CWI to continue its work and research with vulnerable fatherhood populations.

Adoption & Foster Care Certificate (AFCC) Program

The Child Welfare Institute oversees the Adoption & Foster Care Certificate (AFCC) Program, which builds the skills and knowledge of practitioners working with people whose lives have been touched by adoption, foster and kinship care, and legal guardianship. The collaborative offers certification and training for practitioners.

  • The Certificate in Adoption and Foster Care Practice provides clinical and practical training for those working with families and children affected by foster care and adoption.
  • Advanced Clinical Workshops are available for licensed practitioners and incorporate advanced practice skills and techniques.

Workshops are open to all, including those who are not interested in pursuing certification. For additional information, visit

Child Welfare Fatherhood Project

Education Collaboration Project

Page last updated: August 25, 2014