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Non-RIC Users/Guests

All submissions for space and services made through this site are considered REQUESTS ONLY!

You will receive an email notification that your request is pending. Once approved, you will receive a second email confirming your request.

Non-RIC users who have an EMS account

Approved Non-RIC users should have an assigned RIC EMS account. The user ID is usually the email account associated with the organization. If you have not logged in yet (as indicated by the "Welcome Guest" message at the far right side of the top menu bar), please log in here.  You should see "Welcome [Your Organization Name]" displayed there once you have logged in EMS successfully. Please call the MIS Help Desk at 456-9873 for information about your organization’s account or if you wish to reset your password.

First Time Non-RIC EMS User/Guests

Although “first time” users do not have a valid RIC EMS account, they may submit a tentative room reservation request as an "unauthenticated user." Once submitted, their reservation request will be reviewed by the college. If approved, they will be issued a RIC EMS account to allow them to make future reservations directly in EMS.

First-time users can click here to submit a room reservation request.

For general questions, contact: 401-456-8900​.​

Page last updated: February 16, 2018