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Unit Assessment System

Initial Programs Assessments


Admissions Portfolio
(Initial Assessment)

  1. Completion of 24 semester hours
  2. Cumulative GPA of 2.50
  3. Completion of college math requirement
  4. Completion of writing requirement
    • Completion of FSEHD writing requirement (which will also satisfy the RIC Writing Requirement)
      • Writing 100 or an equivalent (as determined by RIC Admissions) course with a minimum grade of B, OR
      • Scoring 63 on the English Composition Exam with Essay CLEP test College Level Examination Program; OR
      • Scoring 59 on the College Composition CLEP test, OR
      • Earning a score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement Test for English Language and Composition
  5. Completion of basic skills test requirement
  6. B- or better in FNED 346
  7. Adobe PDFFNED 346 Faculty Reference Form. Instructors submit through PeopleSoft since Fall 2010.
  8. Adobe PDFFNED 346 Service Learning Supervisor Form. Supervisors submit through Outside LinkSurvey Gizmo
  9. Appropriate department requirements.

Preparing to Teach Portfolio
(Formative Assessment)

  1. GPA of 2.5
  2. PLT, Praxis II and/or Content tests. Submit scores
  3. Adobe PDFObservation and Progress Report-Practicum (OPR-PR).
  4. Adobe PDFTeacher Candidate Mini Work Sample. Use Outside LinkChalk and Wire only to enter data.
  5. Community Service Requirement, Students Outside Linksubmit documentation online.
  6. Additional program-specific requirements

Program Exit/
Student teaching
(Summative Assessment)

  1. Adobe PDFSix Observation and Progress Reports (OPR); three by cooperating teacher, and three by College Supervisor. Enter data through Outside LinkChalk and Wire.
  2. Adobe PDFTeacher Candidate Work Sample. Use Outside LinkChalk and Wire only to enter data.
  3. Teacher Candidate Exit Survey Enter Data
  4. Program-specific requirements

Continuous Follow-up

  1. First year graduates survey
  2. Third year graduates survey
  3. Employers survey

Advanced Programs Assessments


Program Admission

  1. Grade Point Average
  2. Official standardized test scores (Graduate Record Examination or the Miller Analogies Test or other - consult specific program for requirment)
  3. Professional Goals Essay
  4. Performance-based Evaluation
  5. Three Candidate Reference Forms

Formative Transition Point

  1. Program identified assessment(s) tied to standards/Advanced Competencies

Summative Transition Point

  1. Exit GPA of 3.0 or higher and comprehensive assessment
  2. Adobe PDFProfessional Impact Project. Outside LinkEnter Data
  3. Reflection of candidate achievement (Adobe PDFSelf or Adobe PDFFaculty). Enter Data

Continuous Follow-up

  1. Professional Licensure/Certification Exam Results (as applicable)
  2. Surveys of Graduates (biennial) & Employers (triennial)
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Page last updated: July 17, 2013