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Research Services

The Feinstein School of Education is offering research consulting and support services related to educational policy and practice. The School can tap into over 80 faculty members with specialized research training, with additional assistance from professional staff and graduate research assistants. Access the list of recognized experts among RIC Faculty. We may also use outside experts. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Policy scan and analysis. We analyze publicly available policy documents and provide a summary report. Samples:
    • Which districts in RI pay their teachers extra for a Masters Degree?
    • How many states require Praxis II content knowledge exams for licensure?
    • What are tuition rates in New England Colleges?
  • Best practices scan and analysis. We identify best-performing organizations, institutions, localities, or states, and find out what they do.
  • Research literature review. We identify current knowledge on best practice and summarize it to suit the information needs of various audiences.
  • Curriculum and assessment development. K-12 and higher education curriculum and assessment instruments.
  • Professional development. One-time, sequence, or embedded professional development for teachers, principals, specialists, counselors, and school psychologists.
  • Artifact review and analysis. We obtain and review documents and other artifacts for specific purposesĀ  and report the results to you.
  • Survey design, administration, and analysis. We design and administer high quality electronic and paper surveys and provide you with clear results.
  • Design, administration, and analysis of interviews and focus groups. We help you find out what people are thinking and summarize their ideas in a user-friendly way.
  • Analyses of assessment data. We analyze student achievement data for growth, trends, and areas for improvement.
  • Curriculum mapping. We compile and review curriculum to check for unnecessary redundancies, inconsistencies, misalignments, weaknesses, and gaps
  • Alignment analysis. We conduct crosswalks and make explicit the linkages among standards, assessments, curricula, and other educational components.
  • Program evaluation. Comprehensive evaluation of educational programs, utilizing recognized quantitative and/or qualitative methods.
  • Other. We can design specific services to meet your needs.

Please submit your request below, and we will contact you with an estimate, which will be calculated from $100 to $250/hour, depending on complexity of the task. Check, credit card, or PO billing is available. Pro bono services will also be considered; please include in the request.

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