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August Grads

Do you remember a sea of at least 1000 caps and gowns, hearing your name read as you crossed the platform, shaking hands with the President, receiving your diploma case and hearing the cheers of family and friends?

Were you an intended August graduate?


Did you know that over half of August grads never complete their degree?

Why? Students get caught up in the excitement of graduation and celebrations and may not follow through with registering for the summer session course(s) they need. Sometimes responsibilities like work, family or finances get in the way of finishing those courses or maybe the summer course you planned to take was cancelled.

The sad truth is that some August grads are caught off guard when applying for a job and there is no degree posted to their Rhode Island College transcript. We want you to be part of our “Finish Strong” initiative – you are so close to finishing your degree (it would have been 9 or fewer credits). It’s never too late!

Our Finish Strong Resource Team will work with you to help you complete your degree. How?

  • Provide a Degree Audit (to determine exactly what you need to finish)
  • Review completion options with you which may include
    • Course(s) at RIC (in-person, hybrid or online)
    • Transfer in an approved course from another accredited college/university
    • CLEP (College Level Examination Program) – a great option for completing elective credits
    • Assessment of Prior Learning
  • Reactivate or readmit you as a degree student
  • Post your degree and order your diploma when you finish!

To get started, email us at, please be sure to include your

  • Name (including any other name you may have had when you were last at RIC)
  • Address
  • Contact information (email, phone)
  • Approximate year(s) you were last at RIC
  • Major​​​

Page last updated: March 20, 2017