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Former Students

Sometimes life gets in the way of completing a degree – work, family, finances, relocation or even an academic “bump in the road.” We want to help you get through any of the obstacles that may be preventing you from completing your RIC bachelor’s degree.

Reasons We've Heard for Not Finishing:

I don’t really need a bachelor’s degree – I already have a good job.
Until the perfect promotion or new job is posted, but requires a degree. And, according to the U.S.Census, the earning power for those with a degree is nearly double that of those without.

I can only go part-time. At that rate, it will take me 8 years, and I’ll be 50!
You’ll still be the same age in 8 years if you don’t finish your degree!

I’ve moved out of state.
You may be able to transfer credits in from another accredited college or university. We’ll help you determine the possibilties.

I can’t take classes on campus three or four times a week.
There are multiple ways to earn credits including hybrid or online courses, the College Level Examination program (CLEP) and Assessment of Prior Learning.

I’m no longer interested in the same major.
Have you seen lately what RIC has to offer? Check out the Academics link for a list of majors.

I think I have a past due balance.
Our Resource Team will check it out and figure out a plan for you.

Because you have been away for a while, you may need to be reactivated or readmitted as a degree student. Check out that link on our page as well to learn more. You are an important part of the Finish Strong initiative! You have nothing to lose by checking out the possibilities so you can Finish Strong. Ready to explore returning?

To get started, email us at, please be sure to include

  • Name (including any other name you may have had when you were last at RIC)
  • Address
  • Contact information (email, phone)
  • Approximate year(s) you were last at RIC
  • Former major (and if you’re now interested in a different major, please tell us that as well)

And don’t forget to refer a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker who may have started at RIC, but never finished their degree.​

Page last updated: May 08, 2017