Freshman Advantage Program

Rhode Island College offers a writing program scholarship for new first-year students each summer. You can earn four college credits during a six-week summer session. Best of all, the College offers this course as a special "scholarship" program at no charge to you. The cost is included in your fall tuition as long as you are a full-time student during the fall semester.

The purpose is to give you a "freshman advantage," allowing you to learn valuable new writing strategies and to complete or begin to complete the college's writing requirement before you begin fall classes. You will be offered one of two courses based on your SAT/ACT scores and/or a writing placement test. The Freshman Advantage Program (FAP) brochure is mailed to new first-year students in late spring/early summer.

Which Course Will You be Able to Take?

Writing 100 for 4 credits (satisfies the college's writing requirement)
  • If your scores on the SAT critical reading AND the SAT Writing test are above a 430 OR
  • If your ACT English subscore is above 17 AND above a 3 on the ACT Writing test OR
  • If your writing placement scores determine your readiness for Writing 100.

Note: Successful completion of the course with a grade of "C" or higher satisfies the college's writing requirement. Some academic programs, such as education, require a minimum grade of "B".

English 010 for 3 credits plus College Course 101 for 1 credit (must be taken together)

  • If either of your scores on the SAT critical reading and the SAT Writing test are 430 or below OR your ACT English subscore is 17 or below OR a 3 or less on the ACT Writing test, you must take the writing placement exam. The results determine your placement in English 010 or Writing 100.
  • If your writing placement scores determine you would benefit from English 010 prior to taking Writing 100.

Note: You will receive a pass/fail grade for English 010 and a letter grade for College Course 101. You will not be able to register for Writing 100 until you have successfully completed English 010. Students who take English 010 as part of the Freshman Advantage Program must enroll in Writing 100 in the fall semester and be a full-time student.

What is the College Writing Requirement?

Effective writing is essential to your success in college and in your professional life after you earn your degree. Consequently, our students are asked to do a great deal of writing both in the General Education Program (courses all of our students take) and in their majors, even in programs that are not usually thought of as writing intensive, such as accounting and mathematics.

Because of the importance of writing in our programs, all students must fulfill the college writing requirement before earning 40 credits.

Page last updated: August 27, 2013