Peter Little

Dr. Peter Little, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, is working on an international social science research project in West Africa.


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Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2015
ORGA is pleased to announce its annual report for fiscal year 2015.

Attention New PI's:
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Grant funded programs for April – August 2016

Featured Opportunities (see March postings):

  1. Threatened Ocean Wildlife:  Research, Conservation, and Education.
  2. Grants to research First Year College Experience
  3. Urban Forestry Research (TREE Fund)
  4. Grant to enhance leadership in STEM by participation in underrepresented and underserved populations. 
  5. Building an innovation corps at academic institutions. 
  6. Funding for young scientists.  For full announcements go to:

CRCA Announcements:

CRCA is soliciting interest from students, currently engaged in mentored research and creative activity, who would like to promote their work and their experiences to other students.  These students, CRCA Ambassadors, will receive professional training in public speaking and have opportunities to speak to students on campus- and at off-campus events!

ORGA Events

October 13, 2015 – The 7th Annual Research Recognition Reception, hosted by ORGA, once again celebrated all those who have contributed to research and creative activities at RIC in the past year.   This annual event, held in the Alex and Ani Hall Main Lobby, congratulates and honors all those at RIC who support research and creative activities for the betterment of the college community.

Lisa Smolski, Director of Research and College Initiatives, Office of Research and Grants Administration, opened the event by welcoming everyone and noting the many initiatives and successes of the past year. She made particular mention of the establishment of the Center for Research and Creative Activity (CRCA), directed by Dr. Breea Govenar, and supported by a grant through the Davis Educational Foundation.  Ms. Smolski commended faculty and staff on securing more than 9.7 million dollars in externally funded awards.  She also noted that in fiscal year 2015 a record number of 108 proposals, representing $17,418,766 in requests, were submitted. President Carriuolo also expressed her appreciation and gratitude to all those who contributed to research and creative activities.  Dr. Pitt was in attendance, speaking with guests and thanking them for their dedication. 

William Holmes, Assistant Professor, Biology, and President Carriuolo

Caroline Caswell, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Dr. Pitt, VPAA

(Above L to R) Rebecca Sparks, Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science; Keri Rossi-D'entremont, Disability Services; Caroline Caswell, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science; and Dr. Pitt, VPAA

President Carriuolo addresses the attendees at the 7th annual Research Recognition Reception

(L to R) Lisa Smolski, Director of Research and College Initiatives, ORGA; Tanni Chaudhuri, Assistant Professor, Sociology; Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur, Associate Professor, Sociology; and President Carriuolo

(L to R) Christiane Petrin Lambert, Learning for Life; Breea Govenar, Associate Professor, Biology, Center for Research and Creative Activities Faculty Director; William Holmes, Assistant Professor, Biology; Rebecca Sparks, Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

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