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First Year Residential Experience (FYRE)

The First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) at Rhode Island College is a living-learning community housed in Sweet Hall.  First-year students can select to live in a themed cluster of rooms/suites in Sweet with other residents who have similar interests based on a common theme.  FYRE is meant to ignite residential learning and interactions within the hall community and college experience. 

Academic FYRE

The Academic FYRE is designed for residents who desire to promote positive study habits and skills in their community.  Community member will be able to participate in weekly study halls, and support to create own study groups.  Residents would be encouraged to seek campus resources such as OASIS, and Writing Center.

Anchormen Society FYRE

The Anchormen Society FYRE is designed for residents who want to help the community and participate in formal and informal programs that Rhode Island College offers. Residents who choose to live in the Anchormen Society will be encouraged to attend different type of RIC events (athletics, academic, cultural, arts, etc…), participate in Homecoming activities, and participate in Hall Government.

Educators of Tomorrow FYRE

The Educators of Tomorrow FYRE is designed for residents who are interested in the field of education. Community participants will engage in conversation at monthly meetings with topics related to teacher preparation programs at RIC and life as a teacher beyond RIC. Community members will attend professional development opportunities and be encouraged to join other RIC educational collaborative efforts such as the Henry Barnard Mentoring Program, RICESS (RIC Educators of Social Studies) Club, the Middle School Association and the National Science Teachers Association.

Health & Wellness FYRE

The Health & Wellness FYRE is designed for residents who want to increase physical activity and healthy decision making within the community.  The community would support weekly activities to get your heartrate elevated.  These activities can include: dance class, yoga, mediation, zumba which may be hosted in the hall or at the rec center.   Residents would be encouraged to seek additional wellness opportunities such as participating in intramurals, and working with the College nutritionist.

The overall goals for all FYRE  communities include:

*  Build a close community and forge friendships
*  Understand the effects of community standards
*  Leadership development
*  In depth participation and engagement in community
*  Exploration of local and global citizenship
*  Deep reflection on one’s role and social responsibility 

FYRE (First Year Residential Experience) Frequently Asked Questions

What are my responsibilities as a FYRE Living-Learning Community member?

Based on the goals of the FYRE Living-Learning Community it is important for members of each community to be actively engaged.  This includes but not limited to participating in programs, interact with other residents, and promote a safe and supportive environment for students.

Where will FYRE be located?

First Year Residential Experience Living-Learning communities are housed in Sweet Hall.

What will the duration of FYRE be?

Participants will commit to living in FYRE Living-Learning Communities for one full academic year.

Who can participate in FYRE LLC?

This housing option is available to all First Year (Freshmen) students.

How do I apply for the FYRE Living Learning Communities?

When First Year Students answer their housing questionnaire which helps determine placement, they will be able to self-select to which FYRE-LLC they have the most interest to participate in. The Office of Residential Life & Housing will review the questionnaire and make room placements based on the student response.

I want to live in Sweet but not in a FYRE LLC?

There will be NON-FYRE LLC suites located in Sweet Hall.  Students interested in living in Sweet Hall but not in FYRE-LLC are still eligible to live in Sweet Hall.

Gender Inclusive Housing

The Office of Residential Life and Housing is pleased to continue for the 4th year the Gender Inclusive Housing Community. The intent of GIH is to establish a community where students are not limited by gender distinctions and are free to live with whom they feel the most comfortable. Students living in GIH will be expected to be active members of the community. This housing option is available to current residents who have paid their housing deposit by March 3, 2017. Applications will be available from March 16-April 5, 2017.  To fill out an application please come to the housing office located on the side of Penfield Hall or check on our website.

If you are interesting in applying for Gender Inclusive Housing, please use this application:
GIH Application 2017-2018
 Our Mission

Gender Inclusive Housing Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gender Inclusive Housing?

Most residence halls at Rhode Island College are co-educational. Gender Inclusive Housing allows for same gender, opposite gender, non-gender and other gender identities to live together regardless of legal sex, in a safe and supportive environment. Students can live in the same room or suite as other students regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

The intent of the Gender Inclusive Housing Living-Learning Community is to establish a community where students are not limited by gender distinctions and are free to live with whom they feel the most comfortable.

What are my responsibilities as a Gender Inclusive Housing Community member?

The goal of the Living-Learning Community is to raise awareness of issues relating, but not limited to: gender, respect and equality. This community shall provide a safe and supportive environment for students of all orientations and backgrounds.

Students who live in this community will be expected to respect members’ different motivations for choosing this living option. They will embrace and learn from lifestyles and experiences different than their own, actively participate in community events, and abide by all regulations as outlined in the Resident Student Handbook, Resident Housing Contract, and Gender Inclusive Housing Agreement.

Where will Gender Inclusive Housing be located?

Gender Inclusive Housing is housed in a reserved wing of Penfield Hall.

What will the duration of Gender Inclusive Housing be?

Participants will commit to living in Gender Inclusive Housing for one full academic year, the fall and spring semesters. Students may reapply for Gender Inclusive Housing the following year should they meet housing eligibility standards.

Who can participate in Gender Inclusive Housing?

This housing option is available to current residents who have paid their housing deposit, submitted a GIH application, and have taken in part in an interview for the Living-Learning Community by the appropriate deadlines.

How do I apply for the Gender Inclusive Housing community?

Students interested in Gender Inclusive Housing must submit an application to the Office of Residential Life & Housing, on the side of Penfield Hall. The Gender Inclusive Housing committee will review each application and interview all applicants. A decision will be made to approve or deny the requests. Applications will be available online, and at the Residential Life & Housing office starting the Monday after Spring Break. Students may sign up for an interview time slot when submitting a hard copy of their application to Residential Life & Housing by the last Friday in March.

What will happen to the remaining suitemates in the event that a vacancy occurs?

If a resident of a gender inclusive apartment/suite cancels their housing or moves out of their room for any reason, the remaining roommate(s) must identify a new roommate(s) to fill the vacancy. Residential Life & Housing will assign the time allocated to find a new roommate. The timeframe may vary depending on time of year and the status of the housing waitlist. If a roommate(s) is not identified to fill the vacancy within the time period, Residential Life & Housing reserves the right to: (1) assign any student who indicates interest in living in Gender Inclusive Housing regardless of current residency status (2) relocate/consolidate the current resident(s) to a different space. Room types cannot be guaranteed if a student is moved. See Gender Inclusive Housing Agreement.

What if parents don’t want their student to live in a gender Inclusive environment?

Students under the age of 18 should discuss housing plans with their families, as parental consent is required. Students over the age of 18 are legally able to make decisions about their housing contracts. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with parents or guardians about the decision to live in a gender inclusive environment. Residential Life & Housing encourages this conversation between parents/guardians and students about the housing choice so that they can be in support of the student’s decision.

Does Gender Inclusive Housing mean that I may live with my significant other?

Residential Life & Housing discourages students of any sexual orientation who are in a relationship from living together in a residence hall.

Caregivers Living Learning

Please contact the Nursing Program for more information about this community.

Honors Program

Please contact Dr. Rebecca Sparks for more information about this community at (401) 456-9881 or


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