Alcohol Policy

Alcohol is prohibited in all Rhode Island College residence halls and surrounding areas.

Purpose: Recognize, supplement, and support the laws of the State of Rhode Island, the policies of Rhode Island College, and the goals of the Office of Residential Life & Housing.


  1. The laws of the State of Rhode Island will be upheld.
  2. In accordance with the educational philosophy of Rhode Island College and to maintain an environment conducive to reasonable study and living conditions, the following Residential Life & Housing regulations are stated and will be upheld:
    1. Alcoholic beverages and related paraphernalia are prohibited in the residence halls. No persons will be permitted to store, consume, or possess alcoholic beverages in the residence halls and surrounding areas. This includes common areas (main lounges, laundry rooms, study lounges, etc.), suites, rooms, lawns, courtyards, parking lots, stairs, and elevators.
    2. This policy also includes empty alcohol beverage containers that are found anywhere in the residence halls or surrounding areas. Any containers that are found will be disposed of, including those that the resident may consider decorative in nature. Since a staff member can not be sure whether empty containers are decorative or not, all alcohol containers that are found will result in an alcohol documentation for the resident(s).
    3. This policy also pertains to open containers, including cups, open bottles, and cans. These items will be confiscated and disposed of by a Residential Life & Housing staff member and the incident will be documented.

Since Rhode Island College is a dry campus, the college reserves the right to inspect all bags or possessions brought into the residence halls.

Page last updated: Jul. 17, 2009