Guest Policies

Escort Policy

Every visitor to a residence hall must be escorted at all times. This applies to residents of other halls as well as non-residents. The only exceptions to this rule are Hall Directors, Resident Assistants, and designated college staff. If a non-resident is found unescorted inside the building or courtyard by a staff member, that person will be stopped and confronted. If the person that they are visiting has knowledge of his/her presence in the building, the resident will be given an Escort Warning. If a resident from another hall is found alone in the building, he/she will receive a warning, as well as the resident that the person was visiting, if the resident has knowledge of the visitor's presence and has not escorted this visitor.

Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests.

All guests, including those who live on-campus in another residence hall, will be required to be signed-in at the Front Desk of the residence hall that they are visiting (with the exception of Willard Hall) between the hours of 7:00 P.M. and 2:00 A.M. Proper Identification is required; such as school ID, driver license, state ID. It is required to be signed-in and to gain entrance into the residence halls.

Overnight Guests

Guests must comply with all residence hall and college policies and regulations and hosts are responsible for their guests' behavior at all times.

A resident's privilege to have a guest in the room/suite may not interfere with a roommate/suitemate's right to privacy, sleep and quiet study space. Guests of residence hall students may stay overnight in the residence halls only two (2) nights within a seven-day period and only with the consent of the others sharing the room/suite. In addition, guests are prohibited from sleeping in any suite area. Use of an opposite sex bathroom is strictly prohibited for all opposite sex guests. Violation of this policy may result in administrative action. It is expected that overnight guests be of an age where they can  exit the residence hall in case of an emergency without the need of supervision (such as fire alarm evacuation).

Inter-Visitation Policy

The residence halls at Rhode Island College allow 24-hour visitation. Hall Visitation policies are established for the visiting of non-residents of that residence hall, keeping these considerations in mind:

  • Everyone’s rights should be remembered.
  • The living environment must remain safe and secure for all residents.
  • Residents are responsible and accountable for their actions and behavior as well as those of their guests.
  • Students must abide by college policies as well as State and Federal laws.
  • Violation of a college policy will result in administrative actions.
  • Violation of a State or Federal law will result in administrative actions along with possible civil prosecution.

Courtesy and consideration for fellow members of your residence hall should be of primary concern.

Page last updated: Jun. 13, 2012