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Faculty Staff Network Account Information​

Your network account username and password will be used to access the college's computing resources, including:

  • MyRIC - the college's student and human resources administrative system.
  • Windows network account - for logging on to college computers and the college network.
  • Email - Office 365
  • Network storage
  • Blackboard- the college's learning management system.
  • EMS - the college's event management system for requesting room reservations.

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Your User ID and Password

  • Your User ID is the first letter of your first name, followed by your last name, an underscore (_), and the last digits of your College ID.
  • All your acounts have the same User ID and password. The User ID can be entered with either upper or lower case letters (is not case sensitive), but the password is always case sensitive.
  • Your new password must contain at least 2 special characters (e.g., !, $, #, %), 2 digits, 2 upper case letters, 2 lower case letters and be a minimum of 10 positions in length. Your password cannot be a word or contain any part of your name. Special characters cannot be at the beginning or end of the password. Select a password that you can remember but will not be easily guessed by others.
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Outside Link Changing Your Account Password

Logging onto a Campus Computer

  • First, make sure your computer is turned on. If when you move the mouse nothing displays on the screen, press the power button located on the front of the computer.
  • Next at the Windows welcome screen, press "Alt" + "Ctrl" + "Del" on your keyboard all at the same time.
  • Input your username and password. Make sure the "Log in to" box has "RIC" selected. If it does not, choose it from the drop down menu list. Click "OK" and you are now logged in!

If you require assistance, please see additional instructions available on MyRIC or contact the ITS Help Center (401-456-8803 or

Accessing Your Email​

  • Go to
  • Click MyRIC Online Services
  • To sign on to your account, use your User ID and password you have set, and then click the Login button.
  • From the right side menu, click Faculty/Staff EMail-Login to access your RIC email account.

If you require assistance, please see additional instructions available on MyRIC or contact the ITS Help Center (401-456-8803 or

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Page last updated: April 18, 2019