Sharon Hellmann

Henry Barnard School (HBS) 177
(401) 456-9780

Professional Affiliations

Member of RI Foreign Language Association (RIFLA) – member of informal sub-committee to promote elementary foreign language opportunities for all students
Member of American Council of Teacher of Foreign Language (ACTFL)

Professional Development

  • Spring 2010 RI Course SpEd 518 Reading Instruction for Students With Disabilities, as part of the MA of Special Education program

  • June 2010 – Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) 3 day introductory workshop

  • September 2010 – TPRS 1 day continuing development workshop

  • September 2010, ongoing – Webversity – TPRS The Essentials, a 12 episode webinar training series on the elements of Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling

  • October 2010 – RIFLA annual conference, Wakefield, RI – keynote session: Education for the Future – The Language Connection. Breakout sessions: You Played a Song, So Now What?; Connecting Art to the World Language Classroom; Challenge Projects - Getting Them to Think and Speak

  • November 2010 - Henry Barnard School Fall Professional Development Session – Differentiation

  • November 2010 – ACTFL National Conference, Boston, MA – Breakout sessions: Teeth, Blood, & Taylor Swift – Building Fluency in Younger Language Learners; TPRS – Reading Strategies Using Novels and Textbooks; The Ideal Lesson – 10 Steps to Total Fluency; Instant Spanish Conversation Any Time – Cuéntame, 286 Conversation Cards; Meaningful Play – Using the Tools of Childhood With Young Language Learners

Performance in the fine arts

May 2010 – Choral and Solo vocal performance with the Chorus of East Providence
December 2010 – Choral performance with the Chorus of East Providence

Institutional Service at Rhode Island College

Member of the Henry Barnard School Calendar Committee and Professional Development Committee


Research on teacher preparation and training for elementary foreign language teachers
Presentation on use of learning centers in the elementary foreign language classroom

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