Ann Moskol

Gaige Hall (G) 361
(401) 456-9761

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Academic Background

BS, 1969, Tufts, Medford, Massachusetts, Mathematics
MS, 1970, Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Applied Mathematics
MS, 1985, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI, Computer Science.
PhD, 1980, University of Maryland , College Park, MD, Mathematics Education

Courses Taught

COLL 101 The College Experience
CSCI 201 Computer Programming I
CSCI 221 Computer Programming II
CSCI 305 Functional Programming
MATH 200 Finite Math for Comp Sci
MATH 209 Precalculus Mathematics
MATH 212 Calculus I
MATH 262 Ethnomathematics

Areas of Interest

Functional programming, applications of mathematics, ethnomathics, computer science and mathematics education.

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