Marie Lynch

Horace Mann Hall (HM) 059
(401) 456-8763

Academic Background

Ph.D., University of Rhode Island/Rhode Island College (2005)
M.Ed., Lesley College (1993)
B.S., Syracuse University (1985)

Courses Taught

SPED 311 Language Development & Communication Problems of Children
SPED 424 Assessment, Curriculum & Methodology for Adolescents
SPED 440 Collaboration: Home, School & Community

SPED 558 Math/Science for Students with Disabilities
SPED 662 Internship in the Elementary or Middle Leve
SPED 664 Internship in the Middle or Secondary Level


  • Identification/evaluation of learning-based and other disabilities
  • Effective practices to include students with disabilities
  • Understanding how children/adolescents broker language for their non-English speaking parents
  • Access/equity of mathematics for all students

Recent Scholarly Activity

Lynch, M.A. (in press).  Benevolent Ableism: Helpful intent vs. Negative Consequence.

Lynch, M.A. & Capalbo, L. (April, 2011). Assessing Practice: Student Teachers in Elementary & Special Education. Paper presentation at Council for Exceptional Children Conference. Potamac Park, MD.

Gracia, S., Darcy, M., & Lynch, M. (2010). Under scrutiny:  Assessment considerations in advanced level programs.  Journal of Assessment & Accountability Systems in Educator Preparation.  Northern Iowa.

Lynch, M.A.  (September, 2009) i>clicker Teaching Tips: Using Classroom Response Systems with Special Needs Students in Elementary Inclusion Classrooms. K-12 Case study.Outside Link

Lynch, M.A. (October, 2010) Special Education Processes. Presentation for Rhode Island Hospital Developmental Pediatricians.

Lynch, M.A. (October 2009).  Meeting the Range of Learners.  Presentation to Boston Teacher Residency Project Induction Coaches.  Boston, MA.

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