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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the academic requirements to sit for the CPA exam in RI?

What are the academic requirements to sit for the CPA exam in RI?

Notice To All Accounting Students

Implementation of 150-Hour Requirement
for Eligibility to Sit For The CPA Exam and for Certification in RI

There are a number of ways to qualify to sit for the CPA exam in RI. Some will qualify with an undergraduate degree (120 hours); others will qualify after completing additional education (150 semester hours).

To become a licensed CPA you must have completed 150 semester hours of education and meet additional requirements, including an experience requirement and passing the CPA exam.

For specific requirements to qualify for the exam in RI go to the following website: Outside Link

For specific requirements to become certified, including experience requirements refer to the the RI Department of Business Regulation website at Outside Link

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How many courses do I need to take a double major in Accounting and CIS?

The General Education, Cognates and Professional Core requirements listed under the CIS and/or Accounting major must be fulfilled.

Both the CIS and Accounting major core and restricted electives are required. Two of the restricted electives for the Accounting major are CIS courses (CIS 453, Systems Analysis and CIS 354, Decision-Support Systems). These may be double-counted for both majors.

If these courses are double-counted, original accounting majors need six additional CIS courses and original CIS majors need seven additional accounting courses

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I would like information on obtaining a second degree in Accounting or CIS.

Refer to the College catalog and contact Admissions for information. You must fulfill all of the requirements listed under the CIS or Accounting major course requirements. (Refer to the appropriate section of this web site.) Most candidates will have already met the General Education requirement. After your application has been processed by Admissions you will meet with the Department Chair to determine your specific course requirements. The College requires a minimum of 30 semester hours (10 courses) for all second degree candidates.

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What is the Internship program and how do I apply?

Information about internship program can be found on the School of Management website at

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Page last updated: December 10, 2015