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Travel Preapproval Form

Grant-sponsored personnel must complete and submit the following Travel Preapproval Form to obtain prior approval for all travel to be charged to a grant account.

Use the following steps to obtain the authorization you will need to finalize travel arrangements.

  1. Obtain an estimate of the cost of travel from a travel agent or from a web-based travel service such as Expedia or Orbitz.
  2. Complete the Travel Preapproval Form below and click the "Submit" button to transmit the form to Accounting. If you are requesting funds for car rental, per State regulations you must provide a justification for doing so in the space 'other costs' below. Further, ensure that you keep thorough documentation showing car rental as the most efficient choice should the rental be approved.
  3. Accounting staff will review your request, encumber the estimated cost of your travel, and e-mail an approval to you with an authorization number. Use this authorization information with the current state-approved travel agent (listed on the How To Travel page) and he or she will finalize your travel arrangements.​​

Page last updated: June 14, 2017