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Accounting and Computer Information Systems Department

The accounting major provides an excellent background for careers in accounting and management. It combines theoretical and practical applications to prepare students for entry-level positions. Depending on the accounting courses taken, the student may qualify for examination leading to certification in the accounting field (i.e. Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor).
Accounting Major Checklist

Computer Information Systems (CIS)
The computer information systems major prepares students for careers dealing with the creation and implementation of computer-based information-generation systems which aid managers in planning and decision making. The major uses theoretical and practical applications to ensure that students are prepared for entry-level positions in the field of systems analysis, computer center management, computer programming, software development, and computer sales.
CIS Major Checklist

Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAC)
The Master of Professional Accountancy degree provides relevant accounting education for those with an undergraduate major in Accounting and are planning to take the CPA examination and be licensed in the State of Rhode Island and any state requiring five years of education for the CPA license. The degree also prepares individuals for careers in personal financial planning and accounting information systems.​​​

Page last updated: October 11, 2017