James P. Adams Library
Privacy Policy and Notice

General Statement

The James P. Adams Library endeavors to protect the privacy of all of its patrons, whether students, faculty, staff, or members of the general public regarding their use of the Library. Following Rhode Island state law (R.I. General Laws sections 11-18-32 & 38-2-2) and procedures outlined in the American Library AssociationÕs “Confidentiality and Coping with Law Enforcement Inquiries: Guidelines for the Library and Its Staff,” Adams Library staff members, including student staff, shall treat information concerning a borrowerÕs registration, identity, status, requests for information and materials, and loan transactions as confidential and not to be released or made available in any format to a federal agent, law enforcement officer, or any person, other than a library supervisor or fellow staff member attempting to facilitate a patron request, unless proper authorization, such as a search warrant, subpoena, or other lawful directive has been presented. Moreover, patrons of the Library should be alert to the fact that due to certain provisions in the US Patriot Act of 2001 (Public law 107-56), the Library may be prohibited from notifying them of requests for confidential information.[1]

Information Collected

A library registration record is created for each patron. The record contains the borrower's name, address, and other identifying information. This information is used only for library circulation purposes. The library's circulation function temporarily links a patron with the library materials he or she has checked out. Unless fines or other exceptions occur, this link is severed, when materials are returned. For each item checked out to a patron, the library maintains the following information:

Instructions for Library Staff

Staff,including student staff, working at the James P. Adams Library shall NOT disclose the following:

Staff, including student staff, working at the James P. Adams Library MAY do the following:

In the event that a federal agent or other law enforcement authority with a court order approaches a library staff member, including a student worker, with a request for any information about a patron, the staff member shall refer the request to the Director of the Library, or in the Director's absence, to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

Approved by President John Nazarian

Date: December 13, 2007

[1] The FBI may obtain any information about a patron that the Library has. This includes, but is not limited to:

The Patriot Act also specifically prohibits the Library from either alerting the patron whose records have been disclosed or challenging the validity of the request.

December 13, 2007