This service has been developed to facilitate communication between academic departments and the library. Faculty librarians have been assigned to serve as liaisons to one or more academic departments, to work with their respective departments to tailor the development of the library's collections to the teaching needs of the faculty. Requests for purchase of books and other materials to support courses should be forwarded to the department's library liaison.

Below is a list of the liaisons with a link on their name to their individual contact information.

Contact Liaison to:
Kieran Ayton
Mathematics & Computer Science, School of Management, Feinstein School of Education & Human Development, Modern Languages
Tish Brennan
Biology, History, Music Theatre & Dance, Physical Sciences, Political Science
Rachel Carpenter
Communication, School of Nursing, English
Dragan Gill
Anthropology, Gender and Women's Studies
Judith Stokes
Philosophy, Sociology, School of Social Work
Debra Thomson
Art, Psychology