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Role of Policy Officer

  1. Develop and publish a process for the establishment of new governance documents that provides for review by appropriate officials and an opportunity for members of the college community to be heard on proposals that affect them.
  2. Develop and publish a process for amendment of existing governance documents. All material changes shall be subject to the same level of review as provided for new governance documents.
  3. Develop and publish a standard template for all proposals for new or amended governance documents.
  4. Administer the adoption process and serve as a resource for document authors.
  5. Maintain a repository of all official college administrative governance documents, including their amendment history.
  6. Ensure that all current college administrative governance documents are available online.
  7. Review and remain current with Postsecondary Council governance documents and identify areas in which the college must be in compliance
  8. Ensure that every administrative governance document is reviewed whenever necessary and at least once every five years. ​

Page last updated: September 06, 2016