RIC Mission, Strategic Plan, and Learning Goals

The College has adopted RIC Vision 2015 a strategic plan which includes goals and timelines for the achievement of six college wide goals. The first goal is to foster and sustain rigorous academic programs and co-curricular activities that demonstrate intellectual engagement, cultural inquiry, and scholastic collaboration.

Our revised mission, evidence of the College's commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of teaching and learning, charges us to offer a wide variety of liberal arts, science, and professional programs to help our students achieve the promise of higher education: an open and inquiring mind. Following the adoption of the new mission statement, overarching college wide learning goals were developed to identify indicators of institutional effectiveness.

At Rhode Island College, we expect graduates will

  • Demonstrate high levels of academic achievement.
  • Participate in our caring community:
    • Students will demonstrate understanding of different cultures and perspectives.
    • Students will engage in activities with members of the community and diverse populations.
  • Demonstrate general skills required of a productive member of society:
    • Writing Skills.
    • Mathematic skills.
    • Oral Communication skills.
    • General knowledge seeking and Information literacy skills.
  • Demonstrate domain specific skills associated with a chosen discipline.
  • Engage in experiential learning opportunities, internships and service learning.
  • Elect to participate in the research process as appropriate to the major and program outcomes.

Page last updated: June 18, 2012