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Sophie Kahn: Machines for Suffer​ing

February 28 – March 22

Artist Talk: Thursday, February 28, 4-5 PM
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 28, 5-7 PM​

Sophie Kahn

Facilitated by Professor Frank WANG Yefeng

Sophie Kahn's work explores the ways in which technology misunderstands the human body. The precisely engineered 3d laser scanner she uses was never designed to capture the human body, which is always in motion. When confronted with a motion, it receives conflicting spatial coordinates, generating glitch. She outputs this damaged data as prints, video and hand-finished, 3D printed sculptures. The works that result draw inspiration from funereal and memorial sculpture, and appear to be faux-historical forgeries – or contemporary relics. In this exhibition, she presents a new body of work that depicts the female body as monumental architecture - a project under continuous construction (or possibly demolition).​​​​


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