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Qigu Jiang: Ink Portraits and Calligraphy

March 2 – 24

Artist's reception - Thursday, March 2, 5 p.m.

Qigu Jiang #16 Father and Son 34X58.5cm Ink on Papaer 2013

Qigu Jiang’s studio practice is an expression of figurative and calligraphic abstraction that draws on the cultural, political and social experiences from his life. Jiang explores a level of expression in his work that speaks about the colorful and yet sometimes the painful experience uniquely encountered in the living of both China and United Statas. His portrait and calligraphy ink works on paper evoke a world that crosses boundaries and engages the viewer in a dialogue about transculturalism and its societal transformations, in a renewed, postmodern discourse.

This show is curated by Frank Ye-Feng Wang, an assistant professor of art, Rhode Island College.

Qigu Jiang (b. 1956) is an ink painter. He was one of leading avant-garde artists in the New Wave Art Movement in Shanghai, China, 1985. He came to U.S. to study in 1987 and received his MFA in 1990. He currently teaches as a professor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. he is also the director at The Research House for Asian Art (since 2008). Symposium Organized: Treasure Mountain Conference on Contemporary Art, Shanghai (2013). International Conference on Ink Painting, Shanghai (2012). Beijing International Conference on Art Theory and Criticism, Beijing (2009, 2010), Shows curated: New Spirit in Ink Himalaya Art Museum(2012); Contemporary Ink Painting and Artists, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China (2010). Exhibitions (selected): TropenMuseum, Amsterdam, (2016); Gallery 2506, Chicago, (2015); Treasure Mountain Museum of Folk Art, Shanghai, (2015); Duoyun Xuan Art Museum, Shanghai, 2015; Zhu Jizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, (2014); Qingzhou Museum, Shangdong (2013); 99 Art Space of Shanghai University(2013); World Culture Museum Goteborg, Sweden (2013); Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm (2012); Xuhui Art Museum (2012); Qingdao Art Museum (2011); Koehhnline Museum of Art, Chicago(2009); Walsh Gallery; Jan Cicero Gallery; Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, FL; Shanghai Art Fair; Osaka Triennial, Japan. Collection (selected): Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm; Rothschild Investment Corp.; Telchar System Inc.; Swiss Bank Corp.; Prentiss Properties Corp. Texas; Euredit Co. Italy; Duolun Museum of Modern Art.

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Qigu Jiang, Brothers #8 34X61.5cm Ink on Papaer 2013


Qigu Jiang, Lovers #5 34X61.5cm Ink on Papaer 2013​​

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