Acquire/Inquire: Realms Revealed

March 1 - 29

Top Left: Acquire by Marcia Goodwin
Top Right: Gola by Deborah Barlow
Bottom Left: Dotty 1 by Doris Weiner
Bottom Right: Sculpted Strokes by Denyse Wilhelm

To inquire–to engage in the intentional act of discovery–is the vital cord that connects the work of Deborah Barlow, Marcia Goodwin, Doris Weiner, and Denyse Wilhelm.

The objects, books, and memories they have acquired are the results of lives lived in purposeful inquiry, provoking and sustaining their work. Walk into any one of their studios and see possessions that are intensely personal: a Chinese wedding basket, peridot tinted vintage glass, Javanese puppets, or shards of pottery. In the work of these four artists, elements of nature, culture, mysticism, choreography, and music are transformed into visual ideographs that are dimensional, vibrant, ambient, and atmospheric.

This exhibition is curated by James Montford, director of Bannister Gallery

Reception: March 1, 5:00–8:00 p.m.

Hall space Gallery: Silvi Naci

A woman devoured by nature is a recurring theme in the work of Silvi Naci and represents her way of thinking about beauty, mortality, and life cycles. Naci's interest lies within the tension between different factors, their reaction with each other, and the resulting changes in their natural state

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