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Gao Jie: Art4A.I. 1.0

April 6 – 20

Opening and reception - April 6, 5-8 p.m.

GAO Jie is a Chinese contemporary artist. He was born in Gulangyu, Xiamen in 1979. After graduation from the Art Department at Xiamen University, he went to France and stayed there for 12 years. Now, he works and lives in Beijing.

GAO Jie’s artistic creation penetrates into many different subjects. His methodology is to build ‘frameworks’, and propose questions through these “frameworks” to challenge our existing knowledge structure.

In this solo exhibition Art4A.I. 1.0., GAO Jie intends to create an artwork for Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the foreseeable future, AI will learn to appreciate art; one might even argue the time has already come. As artists, our professional integrity leaves no room for any form of prejudice. Instead, following questions need to be asked more and more frequently: What is art? What is human? What kind of art would AI appreciate? Are we just like machines but programmed by DNA?

Curated by Chao Jiaxing​​


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