September 20, 2008
Bureau of Government Research and Services (BGRS) at RIC releases results of latest tracking poll

September 20, 2008 Survey Results
(Adobe PDF, 19k)

About the Bureau

35 years of hands-on Rhode Island experience

The Bureau of Government Research and Services links the campus and cities, towns, state through research, analysis, information, and evaluation. With 35 years of hands-on Rhode Island experience, we are committed to meeting the needs of clients, tailoring programs to identified needs, maintaining a below market fee structure and offering flexibility. The mission of the Bureau is to advance the knowledge and skills of governments within Rhode Island state and municipal government through applied research and technical assistance in support of Rhode Island College's mission. Our goal of the Bureau of Government Research and Services is to promote informed public policy, accountability and efficient, effective governmental management and administration.

We work with local governments, state and local policy makers, neighborhood groups, and NGOs to

  • Conduct and disseminate objective and non partisan research for state, regional, and local governmental and NGO decision makers.
  • Assist local governments and neighborhoods Secure Grants and Build the Capacities.
  • Provide practical research, technical assistance and expertise
  • Evaluate and assess governmental agencies

Our research techniques include

  • executive interviews
  • focus groups
  • questionnaires and surveys
  • case studies
  • observation studies
  • modeling
  • statistical analysis

Current and Recent Collaborations include

  • CDBG, RI
  • EDA in RI, Statewide Planning
  • EDA, U. S. Department of Commerce
  • Lt. Governor Charles Fogerty
  • Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities
  • Rhode Island Issues Survey
  • Rhode Island Office of Municipal Affairs
  • Secretary of State Mathew Brown
  • Town of Burrillville
  • Town of North Providence
  • Town of Warren
  • Town of West Warwick

The Bureau of Government Research and Services addresses the following topics

  • Analysis of Public Opinion (Polling, Surveys, Focus Groups)
  • Budget and Finance
  • Constitutional Reform
  • Electoral Issues (Campaign Finance, Voting/Non Voting, Political Participation, Election Administration)
  • Federal-State-Local Relations
  • Government Management / Organization / Reorganization
  • Governmental Structural Assessment Evaluation and Performance Management
  • Gross Management
  • Human Resources Issues
  • Legislative Districting and Reapportionment
  • Municipal Charter Drafting
  • Organizational Reviews
  • Outsourcing and/or Privatization Issues
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Program and Policy Outcomes Assessments
  • Public Agency Bench Market
  • Strategic Planning

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Contact Us

Victor Profughi, Director
Craig Lee Hall, Room 232
Phone: 401-456-9799
Fax: 401-456-4690

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July 1, 2008
The Bureau of Government Research and Services (BGRS) at Rhode Island College, an affiliate of the College’s Center for Public Policy, has released the results of its latest poll

July 1, 2008 Survey Results
(Adobe PDF, 24k)

July 1, 2008 Demographics Crosstabs
(Adobe PDF, 774k)

May 1, 2008
Rhode Islanders Favor Welfare Cuts, Elimination of Lt. Governor office, and Merger of RIC and CCRI to Eliminate Deficit. Oppose Cuts in State Funding for CCRI, RIC and URI, RIte Care, Privatization, and Early Prisoner Release

May 1, 2008 Survey Results
(Adobe PDF, 19k)

October 26, 2006
Latest RIC BGRS Poll: Whitehouse opens lead over Chafee; Carcieri and Lynch ahead of opponents by double digit margins; Roberts ahead of Centracchio with 1/3 still undecided; Casino big loser

October II 2006 Survey Results
(Adobe PDF, 19k)

October 10, 2006
Latest RIC Poll shows Whitehouse and Chafee Tie for US Senate Seat; Fogarty Trails Carcieri for Governor; Lynch Unaffected by Station Fire Plea Deal, and Casino a Lost Cause

October 2006 Survey Results
(Adobe PDF, 17k)

August 31, 2006
Laffey Takes Commanding Lead in Republican
U.S. Senate Primary

Statewide Republican primary voter poll
(Adobe PDF, 52k)

De Ramel in Slight Lead over Mollis in Race that Gets Little Attention

Statewide Democratic primary voter poll
(Adobe PDF, 9k)

June 22, 2006
A statewide survey of Rhode Island Republican primary voters shows Chafee and Laffey in tight Republican primary race

Statewide survey of likely Rhode Island Republican primary voters
(Adobe PDF, 12k)

June 21, 2006
RIC’s Bureau of Government Research Services Releases Results Of Fifth Statewide Issues Survey

June 2006 Survey Percentages
(Adobe PDF, 20k)

April 25, 2006
RIC’s Bureau of Government Research Services Releases Results Of Forth Statewide Issues Survey

April 2006 Survey Percentages
(Adobe PDF, 26k)

October 20, 2004
RIC’s Bureau of Government and Research Services Releases Results Of Third Statewide Issues Survey
(Adobe PDF, 314k)

October 2004 Survey Table
(Adobe PDF, 28k)

October 2004 Survey Percentages
(Adobe PDF, 97k)

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