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Biology Research Colloquium

Spring 2017

The Biology Symposia Series is held in Fogarty Life Science 050 on Thursdays at 4 pm.
Refreshments are served after the seminar in the Biology Lounge.

Speaker Date Affiliation Topic of Research

Ken Miller


Brown University
Professor of Biology
Department of Molecular Biology,
Cell Biology, & Biochemistry

“Science Denial: From Evolution
to Climate Change, Vaccines, and GMOs
Why it Continues and Why it Matters”

Gregory Skomal, Ph.D.
2/9/17 Senior Marine Fisheries Scientist
MA Marine Fisheries
New Bedford, MA
“Jaws revisited: new insights into the ecology
of the white shark in the North Atlantic.”
Jeffrey Morgan 2/23/17

Brown University
Biomedical Engineering
Molec Pharmacology and Biotechnology

"Can We Build Organs?"
(3D cell culture Cell-cell mechanics Drug Delivery)
Yaowu Yuan 3/2/17

University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT

“Developmental genetics of monkeyflowers:
Pattern formation and morphological innovation”

Michelle Mondoux PhD 3/23/17

College of Holy Cross
Department of Biology

"Short and Sweet? Using C. elegans as a
Model for High-Sugar Diet, Health, and Longevity".
Michael Nishizaki 3/30/17

Visiting Professor
Mystic, CT

"Beyond the mean: predicting biological responses
to environmental uncertainty in marine mussels"

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Lectures supported by the College Lectures Fund.​

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