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Daniel Hewins

Daniel Hewins Fogarty Life Science (FLS) 21​7
(401) 456-8471
(401) 456-8010​​​​

Academic Background

Ph.D., New Mexico State University


Ecosystem Ecology. Decomposition. Land-use change effects on biogeochemical cycles.

Courses Taught

Fundamental Concepts of Biology
Introductory Biology II

Introduction to Environmental Studies

Ecosystem Ecology

Independent Research in Biology

Environmental Studies Internship

Publications (*denotes student collaborator)​

Hewins, D.B., Lyseng, M.P. *, S. X. Chang, Adams, B., Carlyle, C.N., Bork, E.W. In Press. Quantifying the effect of typical land uses on soil carbon quantities and stability across six distinct ecoregions in northern temperate grasslands. Nature Scientific Reports.

Chuan*, X., Carlyle, C.N., Chang, S.X., Bork, E.W., Hewins, D.B.,In Press. Long-term grazing accelerated litter decomposition in northern temperate grasslands. Ecosystems.  

Bork, E.W., Hewins, D.B., Tannas*, S., Willms, W.D. 2018.Festuca campestris density and defoliation regulate abundance of the rhizomatous grass Poa pratensis in a fallow field. Restoration Ecology.

Hewins, D. B., Sinsabaugh, R.L., Archer, S.R., Throop. H.L. 2017. Soil-litter mixing and microbial activity mediate decomposition and soil aggregate formation in a sandy shrub-invaded Chihuahuan Desert grassland. Plant Ecology. 218: 459-474.

Hebb*, C. C., Schoderbek*, D. F., Hewins, D.B., Carlyle, C.N., Bork, E.W., Hernandez-Ramierz, G. 2017. Soil physical quality varies among contrasting land uses in northern prairie regions. Agriculture, Ecosystems and the Environment. 240: 14-23.

Hewins, D.B., Chuan*, X., Bork, E.W., Carlyle C.N. 2016. Measuring the effect of freezing on hydrolytic and oxidative extracellular enzyme activities associated with plant litter decomposition. Pedobiologia – Journal of Soil Ecology.

Hewins, D.B., Broadbent, T.*, Carlyle, C.N., Bork, E.W. 2016. Exploring the effect of defoliation intensity and precipitation pulses on microbial extracellular enzyme activity in northern mixed-grass prairie. Agriculture, Ecosystems and the Environment. 230: 79-86.

Hewins, D. B., Throop, H.L. 2016. Seasonal monsoons and soil-litter mixing overshadow solar radiation as dominant drivers of decomposition in a Chihuahuan Desert dune ecosystem. Journal of Arid Environments. 29:111-118.

Hewins, D. B., Fatemi, F., Carlyle, C.N., Chang, S.X., Bork, E.W. 2016. Grazing, regional climate and soil biophysical impacts on microbial enzyme activity in grassland soil of western Canada. Pedobiologia – Journal of Soil Ecology. doi:10.1016/j.pedobi.2015.10.003.

Tannas*, S., Hewins, D.B., Bork, E.W. 2015. Isolating the role of soil resources, defoliation, and interspecific competition on early establishment of the late successional bunchgrass Festuca campestris. Restoration Ecology. 24:366-374.

Lee, H., Fitzgerald, J.*, Hewins, D.B., McCulley, R.L., Archer, S.R., Rahn, T., Throop, H.L. 2014. Soil moisture and soil-litter mixing effects on surface litter decomposition: A controlled environment assessment. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 72:123-132.

Hewins, D.B., Archer, S.R., Okin, G.S., McCulley, R.L., Throop, H.L. 2013. Soil–Litter Mixing Accelerates Decomposition in a Chihuahuan Desert Grassland. Ecosystems 16:183-195.

Barnes, P. W., Throop, H. L., Hewins, D.B., Abbene, M.L., Archer, S.R. 2012. Soil Coverage Reduces Photodegradation and Promotes the Development of Soil-Microbial Films on Dryland Leaf Litter. Ecosystems 15:311-321

Hewins, D. B., and Hyatt, L. A.  2009. Flexible N uptake and assimilation mechanisms may assist biological invasion by Alliaria petiolata. Biological Invasions 12:2639-2647.

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