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Biology Symposia Series

Fall 2014

The Biology Symposia Series is held in Fogarty Life Science 050 on Thursdays at 4 pm.
Refreshments are served after the seminar in the Biology Lounge.

Speaker Date Adress and Affiliation Topic of Research
Breea Govenar
9/18/14 Rhode Island College What animals eat and why it matters: trophic relationships and food web dynamics in marine communities
Ron J. Etter
9/25/14 University of Massachusetts The origin and maintenance of the remarkable diversity in the deep sea.
Erick Williams
10/2/14 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sirtuin 1 and the regulation of pluripotency networks during early development.
Eldridge Adams
10/9/14 University of Connecticut Territory defense by social insects: how social behavior drives population dynamics
Kerri Warren
10/30/14 Roger Williams University Developmental Toxicity of Cadmium
Linden Hu
11/6/14 Tufts University Deciphering the vector-host-pathogen interface in the pathogenesis of Lyme disease
Eric Morrow
11/13/14 Brown University Genetics of cognitive development, disability and autism

Lectures supported by the College Lectures Fund.

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