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Employer/Job Supervisor’s Responsibilities

  1. All internship supervisors and employers are expected to provide student interns with clear job requirements. Students shall know about their responsibilities and supervisor’s expectations.
  2. Students shall be assigned to responsibilities related to their major where they could contribute, add value and develop their skill and knowledge.
  3. Although it is understood that a student may be expected to perform limited clerical duties, he/she must also be given the opportunity to work somewhat independently in order to develop his/her initiative, creativity, and problem solving skills. The internship must help a student to further develop his/her human relations skills as well as his/her professional conduct and sense of personal integrity.
  4. The job supervisor shall help student to outline his/her job responsibilities.
  5. Scheduling of days and hours will be done at convenient and efficient times based on agreement of both student and Internship supervisor.
  6. Total required number of hours for internship course is 120 hours, however, the supervisor and the student may agree to do more number of hours to finish an un-finished project.
  7. Job supervisor shall support and mentor and periodically evaluate student intern’s performance and make suggestions for improvement.
  8. An internship is considered a job. Therefore, a student can be terminated if he/she is not performing as expected. This will result in a failing grade. The Instructor of Internships class should be notified whenever there are problems and before the termination of a student.
  9. Final evaluation will be completed by the job supervisor on performance, behavior, and professionalism of intern at the end of the internship job and send to class faculty.
  10. This final evaluation along with student self-evaluations and other class requirements will be used for grading purposes. ​

Page last updated: August 22, 2017