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Course Instructor’s Responsibilities

  1. Class instructor or Department Chair shall approve the internship job before student starts his/her internship job.
  2. Class instructor will get in touch with the intern’s job supervisor as soon as “Class Information Form” is provided by student.
  3. Class instructor may communicate with job supervisor to track performance and improvements of student intern.
  4. The first contact will provide job supervisor documents on Internship course Requirements/Responsibilities for all involved parties, and copy of Final Evaluation.
  5. The class instructor will advise student interns regarding their internship responsibilities, professional development and shall initiate job related discussions or presentations in class.
  6. The final contact with job supervisor will request job supervisor to fill up and return a final evaluation on student intern’s performance which will be used for grading purposes.
  7. The class instructor is also responsible for grading students based on attendance, self-evaluation forms, PP Presentation, Reflection Paper and supervisor’s evaluation.
  8. The faculty will be the liaison between School of Business at RIC and business where the student is placed and will be available to facilitate a smooth productive internship experience.​

Page last updated: August 22, 2017