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Internship Course (XXX 467) Requirements

  1. Internships entail 120 hours of work.
  2. All internships need to be cleared with the Coordinator of Internships or department chair or coordinator of the program before the student begins to work. Usually students work between 15 and 20 hours per week during a regular semester but they can work full-time during the summer terms if they do not take classes. Scheduling of days and hours will be done at convenient and efficient times based on agreement of both student and Internship supervisor.
  3. Students will attend at least 6 out of 8 scheduled seminar type classes.
  4. Students will submit “Self-Evaluation” forms to class instructor 3 times during the semester 2 weeks apart.
  5. Students are required to present to class their activities, learnings, and accomplishments through a final Power Point Presentation close to the completion of their internship. They’ll also make constructive recommendations to job supervisor for possible improvements.
  6. Students based on their observations and gained experience will create and deliver a “Reflection Paper” to class instructor, close to the end of semester.
  7. The syllabus will provide information on requirements of “PP Presentation” and “Reflection paper” and dates of class meetings.
  8. An internship is considered a job. Therefore, a student can be terminated if he/she is not performing as expected. This will result in a failing grade. The Instructor of Internships class should be notified whenever there are problems and before the termination of a student.
  9. If the student has not finished his/her 120 hours of work or any other requirements by the end of the semester due to an acceptable reason such as late placement, an Incomplete (I) grade will be awarded. Student shall finish the requirements before or during the following semester otherwise the grade will automatically change to an (F).​

Page last updated: August 22, 2017