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Internship Course Credits (XXX 467)

Internship courses are 3 credits academic courses with letter grades for all SOB majors as defined in the following table.

Internship Course


Type of Credit


General MGT majors, MGT 322
Operations MGT majors, MGT 348
HR MGT majors, MGT 320

Concentration course towards degree


MKT 301 and one more 300 level or above MKT course

Concentration course towards degree


HCA 201, 302, 303 AND 401



Consent of internship director and appropriate faculty member or department chair



Econ 214 and 215 and either (ECON 314 or 315)


Steps to follow

A.Contact the professor who will be teaching the course, and complete an information form.

B. Search for an internship

  • Internships are also available through the Destinations database at the Career Development Center, Roberts Hall 117.
  • Career Development Center, at 401-456-8031 for an appointment to get help with locating a placement or preparing your resume or cover letter.
  • Attend the Internship fairs during fall and spring semesters at RIC. Check CRC web-page for schedule.
  • Attend other internship/job fairs within the State arranged by the State or Universities or Colleges.
  • Internship availabilities are also posted on the bulletin board next to the finance lab in Alger Hall.
  • Search on your own; use personal contact and friends.
  • Search the internet.
  • Look in web-page of particular business of your interest.

C. Apply/ Interview

Before interview or after acceptance for the internship, contact the Professor teaching the course to seek approval of your job description.

D.Register for the course.​

Page last updated: July 01, 2020