STEM Center Project Description and Timeline

Fall 2006, Champlin Grants provided initial funding for equipment and renovations that will be used in two classrooms dedicated to mathematics and science for elementary education. The project was expanded and funded by the Governor's initiative known as STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Initiative.

From departmental requests, Information Services identified demand patterns for e-facilities and equipment to identify rooms best suited for e-classroom retrofitting.

Supplemental funding for STEM and STEM-related projects include the College's Asset Protection budget to enhance bathrooms, sprinkler systems, fire alarms, and air conditioning in adjacent areas beginning summer 2008.

Phase One creates The STEM Center and four electronic classrooms in the Henry Barnard School, which are expected to be completed by the end of the Fall semester 2008. The STEM Center will facilitate a resource network for in-service and pre-service teachers in Rhode Island. Adjacent faculty office update is expected to be completed Spring 2009.

Phase Two is expected to be completed by fall 2009 and will renovate and furnish additional electronic instructional venues in Fogarty Life Science Classrooms 108 and 209, Gaige Classrooms 253 and 257, Horace Mann Classrooms 185, 186, 189, and 190 as well as in lecture halls at Clarke Science 128 and Fogarty Life Science 050.


The STEM Project supports many strategic goals of the college including providing access to quality instruction as well as the goal to develop a comprehensive plan for educational technology including electronic classrooms, labs, and other academic venues.

At the beginning of the STEM initiative, about 33% of the classrooms had an electronic feature. From departmental budgets, many electronic instructional venues were designed and established resulting in 40% of all classrooms with e-features by the end of summer 2008. By the end of Phase 2 of the STEM initiative, in excess of 50% of the College's classroom spaces will be electronic.


  • Spring 2007 STEM Budget was presented to State Capital Budgeting Committee
  • Summer 2007 COPS Funding Approved
  • Fall 2007 Facilities & Operations and Information Services collaborated with faculty, architects, and technology consultants, to design new e-facilities (classrooms and lecture halls) and select software and equipment for STEM initiative. Tablet PCs and software were purchased for faculty training with Champlin and STEM monies. The initial phase of tablet PC training is complete and the faculty has evaluated the tablets. The second group of tablets will be distributed to STEM faculty during summer 2008.
  • December 2007 - September 2008 STEM Phase One construction documents were under review at State Purchasing Office
  • Summer 2008 Facilities & Operations staff coordinated in-house demolition with MPA vendors.
  • September 18 2008 STEM Center Purchase Order Issued for Major Contractor

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