STEM Center Project Progress and Updates

Fall 2006

Champlin Grants provided initial funding for equipment and renovations that will be used in classrooms dedicated to mathematics and science for elementary education

Ivy Locke was appointed Project Manager for STEM renovations

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Spring 2007

STEM Budget was presented to State Capital Budgeting Committee

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Summer 2007

COPS Funding Approved

State Architectural Committee Approved Conceptual Designs for phases 1-4 of RIC STEM Project

A STEM Center Steering Committee was established

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Fall 2007

Accounting and Purchasing Departments worked with Facilities & Operations to facilitate payment for STEM funded projects with State issued certificates of participation (COPs)

Facilities & Operations and Information Services collaborated with faculty, architects, and technology consultants, to design new e-facilities (classrooms and lecture halls) and select software and equipment for STEM initiative

Tablet PCs and software was purchased with funds from a Champlin grant that will be used by STEM Faculty for evaluation and training

Additional tablet PCs and software were purchased for faculty training with STEM Funds

Renovation plans for HBS were approved and sent for review by Building Commissioner, State Fire Marshall and State Purchasing in December

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Winter 2008

GlÍnisson de Oliveira was appointed director of the STEM Center Programming

Two cohorts of Elementary Education faculty participated in training sessions for the use of tablet PC's, document cameras, tablet carts, electronic collaborative tools, and smart boards

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Spring 2008

Math, science and science education departments were engaged regarding new academic initiatives and professional development opportunities for teachers, and several grant proposals are under development or have been submitted

A science education proposal was submitted to the National Science Foundation ($12.5 million) in collaboration with URI and other organizations is under review

A statewide Math Summit was hosted at RIC with participation from most school districts and all institutions of higher education in the state, fostering greater collaboration among districts and the K-12 and higher education systems

About 230 prospective math and science students are being recruited

STEM faculty participated in choosing a standard student response system (Clickers)

User Support Services completed the initial phase of tablet PC training and the faculty has evaluated the tablets

USS and STEM Center collaborated with faculty from Washington Oak Elementary School in Coventry on tablet PC training

State Purchasing released STEM Center for bid May 2008 (after a 20 month review process)

Bid opening June 6

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Summer 2008

Supplemental funding for STEM and STEM-related projects include the College's Asset Protection budget to enhance bathrooms, sprinkler systems, fire alarms, and air conditioning in adjacent areas beginning June

A software license management application (KeyServer) was installed to reduced licensing costs by sharing licenses among STEM faculty and students

HBS Faculty moved to staging area in Building 2 by June 18

Planning is underway for moving of affected fall classes and summer camps to temporary quarters in June

Demolition will be done in house under delegated authority

Tablet PCs will be distributed to a third cohort of STEM faculty in July for training

Evaluation of lowest qualified bidder for STEM Center expected in July

Inherited STEM Project delays requiring undetermined re-sequencing of the phases of the initiative; new phases should be proposed in July

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Fall 2008

Construction of STEM Center and STEM related projects

Projected opening of the Stem Center Offices and four electronic classrooms in the Henry Barnard School December 2008

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Winter 2009 Through Summer 2009

Future enhancements are planned to design, renovate, and furnish additional electronic instructional venues in Fogarty Life Science Classrooms 108 and 209, Gaige Classrooms 253 and 257, Horace Mann Classrooms 185, 186, 189, and 190 as well as in lecture halls at Clarke Science 128 and Fogarty Life Science 050

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