STEM Center Project Planned Protocols

  1. STEM Center Purchase Order Issued September 18
  2. Construction Meetings Weekly
  3. College/Contractor Goals intend to ensure:
    1. Safety of Students
    2. Purchasing Guidelines are followed
    3. Expenditures are within Budget
    4. Classroom Availability for Spring Semester
    5. Faculty Office Availability during Spring Semester with move planned for May
  4. To expedite construction and safety, we are asking:
    1. To Honor Hard Hat Zone
    2. To dishonor requests for tours
    3. To discontinue short notice requests to suspend work
      1. Unless due to an emergency (nap time is not an emergency)
      2. Testing is planned and therefore requested with advance notice
    4. To receive 72 hours advance notification if we need to postpone construction for evening or weekend events including faculty and parent association meetings.
  5. Accommodations:
    1. Contractor is coordinating “tie-in” work with the first floor during dates and times that the school is not in operation:
      1. Late shift (3-11)
      2. Weekends
      3. Holidays
      4. Intercession
      5. Two Dates may require staff displacement 11/26 & 11/28
    2. Contractor and subcontractors are to wear badges
  6. There are 7 distinct projects associated with the STEM Center:
    1. Demolition (College MPAs)
    2. Center and Classroom Renovations (Major Contractor A)
    3. HVAC (Donor/Contractor B)
    4. Fire Alarm (Contractor C)
    5. Bathroom (Contractor D)
    6. Data Closet (College N&T Staff)
    7. Faculty Offices (College MPAs)
  7. The drafts of the plans for Phase 2 (the combined remaining phases 2-5) were received at the end of September 2008 with plans for review on campus in October 2008.

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