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Career Salaries

Wondering what different career fields pay?

It probably comes as no surprise that some jobs pay more than others. Even companies within the same field will pay more or less than their competitors. Salary may also vary based on whether the position is union or non-union and by geographic region.

It is important to be aware of what the career field in which you have an interest pays for many reasons so you make informed choices:

  • Does it allow you to pay back your loans?
  • Does it allow you to live the life style you to which you aspire while simultaneously meeting your financial obligations?
  • Do you feel it is a good return on your investment for money spent on and time spent in school?
  • Does a short-term lower salary lead to longer-term, higher paying options?
  • Will you have to work a second job to do what you love?

Being aware of salary will also help you answer the dreaded interview question, "What are your salary expectations?" You will be able to respond with a salary range that reflects what that career field is paying in that area of the country.

Learn about what different career fields pay in different geographic regions by going to:


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Page last updated: May 31, 2016