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International Student Employment Information

An International Student With Questions About Working in the US?

As an international student, your ability to work within the US is determined by your visa status. It is critical that you are aware of and follow the regulations that apply to the visa you carry. If you do not adhere to these regulations, you may find that your visa is in jeopardy as is your ability to study in this country. We don't want this to happen to you. We encourage you to speak with your international student advisor before pursuing any employment-related options. Once you've met with your international student advisor and have clarified the employment options for which you are eligible, the career development staff will be able to work with you:
  • To identify on-campus employment opportunities
  • To find a job that meets your OPT or CPT requirements
  • Regarding any other employment options for which you are eligible

Conducting your first job search is always a challenge. It is even more challenging for someone who doesn't understand how it is done in the US. The career development center staff can help you translate the complexities of an American-style job search.

To schedule an appointment with a career counselor, stop by Roberts Hal 117​l or call 401-456-8031.​​

Page last updated: July 21, 2016