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Professional Associations

Professional associations are organizations whose members are people working in and/or who have an interest in a specific career field or occupation. For instance, nurses may belong to the American Nursing Association. Depending upon their specialization they may also have membership in another association such as the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses.

Some professional associations are large with formal organizational structures while others are small and more "grassroots." That means that different associations may have different resources to offer their members and those aspiring to enter a career field.

Most do have websites where you may access their resources. Some resources may be reserved for members only while other resources are for general access. Among the resources you may find:

  • Membership information (see if there are reduced fee options for students)
  • Career field information
  • Jobs in the field
  • Publications
  • Links to related information
  • Upcoming events/meetings/conferences

To learn about professional associations in your field:

Page last updated: May 31, 2016