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Decided on a Career?

Decided on a career and want to know what you need to major in to get there?

You have a clear picture of where you want to be career-wise. What's less clear is what you need to do academically to qualify for that kind of work.

Some career fields require very specific coursework and your choice of major will be clearly defined. For other career fields, what you choose to study at the graduate level has greater impact on defining your career. However, what you study at the undergraduate level may facilitate or complicate your ability to enter certain graduate programs.

Still other career fields simply look for a general skill set that comes from being a well-educated person and that is developed incrementally over the course of your time in college. Some of these more general skills - often called "transferable skills" include:

Communication (oral & written)
Analytic ability
Problem solving
Critical thinking
Synthesis of information
Cultural awareness & sensitivity

This last scenario suggests that you may choose to study from a wide range of majors. Some people find this freedom to choose exciting while others find it frustrating, even overwhelming. Your answers to these questions, along with a conversation with a career counselor, may help to clarify your academic direction:

  • Are there any subjects, I've not had a chance to study either in high school or college that I might like to explore? (great argument for taking your "gen ed" courses before locking into a major)
  • Are there any subjects that I've found to be engaging intellectually?
  • Are there any faculty members who have inspired me in the classroom and with whom I'd like to continue to study?

To learn if your career choice requires specific majors or if there is flexibility, begin your research with the Outside Link Occupational Outlook Handbook

Outside Link Google is another source of good information about careers as is our Vault online career library. **

We invite you to discuss your career choice and its connection to academic majors with one of our career counselors.

To schedule an appointment, stop by Building 6, Lower Level, East Campus or call 401-456-8031.

** Please note: your Vault online career library is password protected. You will need to use your RIC email account to obtain the word which changes daily.

Outside Link Alumni, your link to the online career library is different from the student link. Contact the Career Development Center at 401-456-8031 or to obtain your password.​​

Page last updated: March 04, 2020