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Decided on a Major?

Decided on a major and want to better understand what careers that may lead to?

You may have come to college knowing what you want to study. Maybe you enjoyed the anthropology class you took in high school and want to study it more in-depth. Perhaps one of your "gen eds" took you by surprise and you discovered a new found intellectual interest.

Now you want to better understand what career options that major will enable you to pursue. Here's a great way to expand your understanding of where specific majors may lead you career-wise:

What can I do with a major in...?

It's important that you don't limit your career options just to things that seem to directly connect with your choice of major. Because you will have a college degree, you will find that regardless of major, you have developed a variety of skills that will be sought be prospective employers and grad school admission committees. Linking those skills to career may be as simple as learning how to package them or understanding what experiences (paid or unpaid) you'll need to "add" to your resume to make yourself competitive.

We invite you to discuss your choice of major and its connection to career with one of our career counselors.

To schedule an appointment, stop by Roberts Hall 117 or call 401-456-8031.​​​​

Page last updated: September 19, 2017