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Details for Working While in School

Work study positions

If you have received a work study award as part of your financial aid package you are eligible to apply for work study positions. While most work study positions are on campus, there are also some off-campus at specifically designated not for profit organizations.

Listings may be accessed by visiting the Student Employment area in the Career Development Center (Craig-Lee 054) or by searching for them through Destinations RIC's online job posting system.

Student employment forms for all work study and on-campus positions that need to be filled out by both you and your supervisor are available in the Career Development Center. Return completed forms to the Center - don't forget to bring required identification indicated on the forms.

Non-work study positions

If you don't have a work study award, there are still some on-campus positions paid directly from departmental funds. They are not as plentiful as work study opportunities and go quickly. In truth, most students who are not on work study may have to seek employment off-campus.

Departmental fund positions may be accessed by visiting the Career Development Center (Craig-Lee 054). Additionally, you may search for departmental fund positions, as well as all off-campus opportunities, through Destinations, RIC's online job posting system.

Important: off-campus opportunities may require that you Adobe PDFsubmit a resume. We invite you to have a career counselor review your resume before submitting it to a prospective employer. Call us at 401-456-8031 or stop by Craig-Lee 054 to schedule an appointment.​​​​​​​

Page last updated: May 02, 2016