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Laura Hill

Hometown: North Kingston, but raising her family in Cumberland

Major: Medical Imaging, concentration in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A married mother of two, Laura Hill went back to school seeking a career that was both financially and emotionally rewarding. She chose medical imaging.

Her first visit to Rhode Island Hospital for a class sold her. “I’ll never forget walking into the MRI scan room and seeing the crystal-clear images of a brain. It was mind-blowing that I could one day create those images myself,’’ Hill said.

Hill put in a total of 1,500 hours over 16 months of clinical training. That meant 32 hours per week while also taking regular classes and studying, as well as raising her children.

She began at CCRI, but transferred to RIC because a counselor advised her that a four-year degree would provide better job opportunities. “The counselor at CCRI was right about job opportunities through RIC. I have not even graduated yet and had multiple opportunities,’’ she said.

Graduating summa cum laude, Hill was also awarded the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Certificate of Excellence.

After passing her upcoming board exams on May 16, Hill will begin working at Rhode Island Medical Imaging as an MRI technologist.

“I love knowing that my kids have seen the effort that I put into my schooling and that my good grades will give me a rewarding career. I have shown them that anyone can achieve greatness if they really put in the time and effort. They will have ‘hard work pays off’ ingrained in them forever,’’ she said.​

Page last updated: May 12, 2017