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Maja Giguere

Hometown: Smithfield

Major: Communications – Mass Media

Giguere came to RIC “because it felt like home.”

“When I graduated high school, I wanted to be anywhere but Rhode Island,” she said. “I didn’t even apply anywhere in Rhode Island. I ended up going to a school out of state, but it was not for me. I found myself unhappy and desperate to get home.”

Giguere chose her major because she knew she wanted to work in media and television. “It has been very helpful learning all the different roles to figure out what I like best, and where I see myself fitting into the media world,” she said.

Eventually becoming president of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communications Honor Society, Giguere also served as Vice President of Community Relations for her sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau.

As part of a Documenting Digital Histories course, Giguere began working on a documentary film about her hometown.

What began as a class project has grown into a feature-length documentary, “The Hidden Gems and Histories of Smithfield, R.I.: A Tribute to its Townspeople.” Giguere plans to continue working on the film with a professional crew after graduation. “I have a lot of hope for this documentary and think it will really turn into something amazing. I would love to see it aired on television for a larger audience to see just how fascinating Smithfield can be,” she said.

She hopes to continue working on historical documentaries and possibly become a political correspondent for a media outlet. “I love public speaking, I love politics, I love history, and I love documentaries. If I could mix the four of those in one job that would be a dream,” she said.​

Page last updated: May 12, 2017