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Procedure for Reimbursement

In order to receive funding for your speaker(s), submit the following documents all at one time to Paul LaCava, Special Education Department, Horace Mann 056:

  1. A signed W-9: of the presenter. This item may be omitted if there is already on file in the Accounting Office a W-9 for this speaker; in that case, please include a note to that effect. Available at
  2. A Check Request form: Fill out the name and address of the speaker. Please also indicate the name of the contact person, his or her department, email address, and phone number on this form or on an accompanying note.  Please leave blank the Department name, Account no., and all approval signatures (these are how payments are authorized through the College Lectures account). Available by clicking HERE.
  3. The College’s Travel Report Form or Automobile Travel form should be utilized for spending travel funds. All original receipts must be included and vehicle mileage must be reported. For lodging you may wish to contact the Accounting Office for their current list of approved hotels (this is not required). They have deals with several local hotels to provide special rates and  do not to charge taxes. Available at

If you intend to deliver checks to speakers on the day they are presenting, please indicate so on the check request form and allow sufficient time for processing by CLC Chair ​Paul LaCava, the Vice-President’s office, and Accounting through Campus Mail.

If your lecture event is canceled or if it ends up using fewer funds than had been awarded, please contact College Lectures so that we can allocate those funds to other lectures.​​​​

Page last updated: April 05, 2018