Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory Results



 Under the auspices of the Committee on Student Life, Rhode Island College administered the Noel-Levitz, Inc., Student Satisfaction Inventory in the spring of 2004.  The Student Satisfaction Inventory is a survey designed to determine the areas of greatest importance to our students, the areas of greatest and least satisfaction, and the greatest performance gaps between levels of importance and levels of satisfaction.  By revealing which aspects of the College our students consider most and least important, along with how satisfied they are, this inventory provides a vehicle for the College to set priorities that are closely aligned with those of its students.  In addition, Noel-Levitz publishes national norms for the survey, providing a context for the interpretation of results.

 The Findings

Demographic Summary

A profile of the Students who participated in this study

Scale Summary

A quick overview of the findings clustered by 12 major scales


Institutional Summary

Summary Items