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Committee on Student Life

March 7, 2001 Gatherings, Donovan Dining Center

Table of Positive and Negative Comments and Suggestions

A. General

Positive Comments

Negative Comments


Campus life is fun/enjoyable/good experience. (8)

Community spirit is lacking.

"Need a CVS-like store" (2)

College personnel are "nice," "friendly," "courteous," "professional." (7)

Better communication needed among administration, faculty, and students.

‘Need a campus post office"

"Small" campus is good – short walk to class; easy to make friends. (2)

Racial discrimination problems (4)

Advertise College with banners along Mt. Pleasant and Fruit Hill Avenues.

"Quality of staff is great."

"Weekend life [is] boring because everyone goes home."

Need more interaction with Manton Ave. area

"Wonderful sense of community and bonding" at College (2)

"Nothing good at this school, and as soon as I can I will transfer."

Want shuttle buses to the Recreation Center and to Downtown Providence (2)

College does a "great job of finding out what we [students] want and [you] offer great programs."

RIC should be a "wet campus." (3)

RIC needs a bank on campus.

"Great strides in Division Three college life."

"Incompetent administration/PeopleSoft"

"Need Ti Chi"

"Positive atmosphere around campus"

RIC is "not friendly."

Need "more incentives to get out-of-state students to RIC"

OASIS is helpful and responsive. (3)

Enhance/change escort service. (2)

Need a football team

Life at RIC is "better than commuting and having a curfew." (2)

"Most administrative offices … rude and unhelpful"


"OK school"

Need to enact more change and have administration show they are "ready and willing to help" [students]


As a commuter, "I’m fine with what is offered to me for facilities."

Should get better price for textbook resale


"Life at RIC is what you make of it…[it’s] up to the student to ask the right questions."

Since more students are living on campus, RIC "should … stop being treated like a commuter school."


Always able to schedule appointments with staff or faculty.


"We can always give our suggestions."


Life at RIC is "very relaxed."


B. Academic Issues

Positive Comments

Negative Comments


"Enjoyable and challenging classes"

"Students need to have a better and clearer understanding of major/minor requirements."


Programs offered are good. (2)

Library should be open longer hours.


‘Love the Theatre Dept."

"Why pay an Art fee, if I have nothing to do with it."


"Like that you’re a name and a face

with … professor…not just a

number" (2)

Need "more sections offered for classes"


Like the class sizes (4)

Need a 24-hour computer lab.


"Teachers are helpful and understanding."

With respect to El.Ed. program, no advisor given until mid-Sophomore year.


"Nice computer equipment for students" (2)

"Switch the days that we have to drop/add classes"


"El. Ed. Program is wonderful in terms of set-up … hands-on, practical experience."

Requirements keep some students at RIC far too long.


"good teaching faculty" (6)

"Some professors are knowledgeable but don’t know how to teach."


Special Ed. Dept. is very supportive of students.

Desire "more classes at different times"


Faculty need to be more sensitive to the needs of students with disabilities.


Frustrating for older students with many extra-academic responsibilities to keep up with students just out of high school.


"Why [give] so much work during spring break?"


School of Education needs to be more helpful to students.


Professors should let students know if the same textbooks will be used in future classes.


Ed. majors "can never get [their] classes."


Bursar and Records Offices

Positive Comments

Negative Comments



"Grades are reported too late."


"Some of the people who work in Bursar’s, Records, etc. are very rude and have no people skills." (2)


"Personnel… always seem to be misinformed."


Difficulty in getting "semester refunds from the Bursar… so unorganized." (3)


Irked by "person who gabs instead of helping students"


"Improve the quality of service."


"Records…should get more staff …never anyone to answer the phone."


Check-cutting speed is "inexcusable."


Records and Bursar’s Office are "so behind [in] everything."


D. Campus Condition
(See also I. Safety, Security, Traffic & Parking)

Positive Comments

Negative Comments


"Grounds are clean… pretty."

Snow shoveling/plowing/salting needs to be handled more efficiently, proficiently, and with more attention paid to saving parking spaces and easing the movement of students in wheelchairs. Operation Snowflake needs to be invoked to help with snow removal in parking lots (27)

College needs to emphasize recycling. Student volunteers to help.

RIC has "a few nice buildings."

"Bad and old elevators…most intimidating I have ever been on"


"Happy to see improvement in grounds made by planting of trees and grassy areas"

Need a cleaner campus …"[Cleaning] would encourage a litter-free environment." (4)


Major accessibility problems for students with disabilities (ex., Craig Lee and Horace Mann). (2)


"Fix up campus" (4)


Facilities are "visibly poor."


College is "slow to fix and clean buildings and classrooms."


"Remodel the library."


"Make the campus pedestrian friendly – more sidewalks, lighting."


Trash needs to be better handled: More trash receptacles are needed, and these receptacles need to be emptied more frequently. (5)


"Need friendlier and more motivated physical plant staff"


"Rake leaves; plant grass, trees, flowers." (2)


E. Dining Facilities

Positive Comments

Negative Comments


"Workers are always pleasant… friendly and helpful." (3)

"Better food" desired (13)

Wish Taco bar more often…"maybe an area with nachos and cheese or salsa."

"Like the strawberry ice cream"

"Donovan should stay open later." (5)

Use plastic or washable plates to "save the Earth."

"Food is satisfactory." (2)

More variety needed in menu. (6)

Need a food store which would accept "points."

DDC "could use more respect."

More meal options needed.

Sell sandwiches in Coffee Grind for which "points" could be used.

"Homemade [salad] dressing was good."

Fast food options (Dunkin Donuts, D-Angelo’s, Domino’s, etc.) desired on campus, esp. for those who stay on weekends. (8)


Need good coffee and Tropicana orange juice.


Want "real chicken sandwiches and burgers."


"Food is not well prepared."


"Ladies [food servers] need to wear hairnets."


Salad dressing: want different brand; more "variety with oil & vinegar dressing"; "don’t like creamy dressing" (2)


"Too much oil in pasta salad."


"Most DDC workers are not very people-oriented."


"Board people… get gypped if they skip a meal.. [Money] should be refunded, like points people."


"Why $1400 for 900 pts. (=$900 worth of food)?"


Dislike meal plan: can’t keep money when "we don’t eat up to the limit of $4.50, $6.50, $7.50." (2)


Want to pay less for food (2)


"Student Union should have different food from Donovan’s."


F. Financial Aid

Positive Comments

Negative Comments



"Always seems to have incorrect information"


"A total mess"


G. Recreation Center

Positive Comments

Negative Comments


"Programs at the Rec Center are good." (3)

Disappointed when Rec Center closed during snow storm

Need "more dorm activities in the Rec Center"

Appreciate the later hours at the Center

"Want a bigger and better Center", esp. Weight Room


"Like the Rec Center"


Residence Halls

Positive Comments

Negative Comments


"RA’s and Hall directors are reasonable with the residents."

"RA’s need to do their jobs better," esp. in Browne Hall.

Want telephones in the dorm rooms.

"Like the Hall Directors in Thorp, Weber."

Want Cable TV (15)

Desire more competitive activities among the dorms.

"Great place to live"

"Sweet Hall reminds me of a mental hospital."

Set up off-campus housing

"Dorm life is fun."

Facilities [dorms] are dirty and lack heat (6)

Post Donovan’s menus in the dorm suites.

"Like living at Browne" (2)

Renovate ("fix up") the dorms (8)

"Build another dorm" (2)


Better maintenance of dorms needed

Need intercom system in Willard (to inform residents of emergencies)


"Residence Hall programs need to be better advertised."

Want beach volleyball court near the dorms and a bigger basketball court


Big problems with mail and package delivery to the dorms (3)

Allow a "smoking lounge" [in the dorms] rather than "forcing smokers outside to smoke."


Need new furniture in the dorms

Desire toaster oven for each suite


Need stricter enforcement of dorm rules: quiet hours, prohibiting possession of "pot", stopping "drunken post-athletic event parties" (3)

Request apartments for upper-class students


"Cleaning staff should make less noise in the morning." (2)

Need soap containers and paper towel dispensers [in dorm bathrooms]


"Hallways are so loud in Sweet Hall."


"RA’s are more tolerant of friends than others in the dorms."


Need quicker repairs in dorms (2)


Allow "propped doors" into [room, suite?] when occupant is present.


Need a better "cleaning service"


"Nagging RA’s"


"Central Desk needs renovating"


Dislike "over-strict dorm rules"


Fix equipment in the recreation rooms (ex. piano in Willard)


"Wish access between dorms were easier"


I. Safety, Security, Traffic & Parking
(See also D. Campus Condition)

Positive Comments

Negative Comments


"I feel safe on campus."

‘More parking, please" (23)

Need a parking garage


Better security needed for parking lots (2)

Place security cameras in parking lots


"Campus not well lit at night"


Need "better lighting along walkways"


Enforce parking restrictions for faculty/staff areas or take down the signs.


‘Security sleeps while on duty."


Security is not responsive to students with disabilities.


Wheel chair access from some parking lots (ex. Lot J) very difficult


"Traffic during rush hours (between classes) contributes to parking [problems]"


J. Student Activities

Positive Comments

Negative Comments


"Laser tag was fun."

Need "more activities and organizations to have students get involved" (10)

Need "activities promoting integration," since there’s "definitely a white/black separation"

Enjoyed OLYMPRICS (2)

Want better/more exciting activities (3)

"Theatre majors should put on a show for residents – something funny."

RIC trips "are always fun -- great way to meet new people…"

"Our sports are not well publicized."

"More sports" are needed

Like planned activities (2)

Many programs "not [to] my interest"

Have local band concerts


"No real college activities"

"Need new places to hang out"


On-campus events should be publicized better (3)

Want a "college movie channel"


Should have more on-campus activities on the weekend (4)


Need more funds for student activities


"Some organizations … not as respected as others … RIC is ruled by the majority."


Student morale is a problem "because of lack of communication between clubs"


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