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Campus and Off-Campus Resources​

Suicide Prevention

Crisis Text Line – Specifically for Young People of Color: Text STEVE to 741741

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The Jed Foundation – Protecting emotional health and preventing suicide among college students
Text START to 741-741 or call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

The Samaritans of Rhode Island – Suicide prevention resource center 800.365.4044

The Trevor Project – Crisis intervention and suicide prevention among LGBTQ youth


Coalition for the Homeless in Rhode Island and nationally

Day One – Sexual assault and trauma resource and advocacy center

Free Grants for Veterans – comprehensive details on grants for veterans

National Alliance on Mental Illness  – Nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization

Sexual Assault: Resources and Support for Students at Rhode Island College

Sojourner House – Domestic Violence resource and advocacy center

Transition Year – A great deal of supportive information related to transitioning to college life

Alcohol, Drugs and Addictive Behaviors

This section contains resources for those experiencing addictions or for those seeking support due to having others in their life that are experiencing addictions and/or other harmful behaviors.

Support groups based on the 12-step model are denoted by an asterisk (*).  More information on the 12-step model can be found here.

Adult Children of Alcoholics and/or Dysfunctional Families*

Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous*

Barbiturate Addiction – Abuse, Signs and Symptoms, more​

College Students and Opioid Addiction​

Compulsive overeating, under-eating, food addiction, or excessive exercising*

Crystal Meth Anonymous*

Cocaine Anonymous*

Family and Friends of Problem Drinkers*

Gamblers Anonymous*

Heroin Anonymous

Life Ring Secular Recovery – Alternative to 12-step recovery model

Marijuana Anonymous*

Narcotics Anonymous*

Nicotine Anonymous* & Smoke Free

On-line Gamers Anonymous*

Self-injury Anonymous (cutting, burning, picking, and others)*

Self-Management for Addiction Recovery (SMART Recovery) – Alternative to 12-step recovery model

Sexaholics Anonymous* is a tool that helps students take steps toward a more healthy relationship with drugs and alcohol. On the site, students can learn about the experiences of people like them, find the answers they need, and locate support. It’s a free resource and was developed based on input from leading clinicians, people in recovery, and experts from the White House and SAMHSA.

Suicide Prevention and Substance Use​

Survivors of Incest Anonymous*

Resources on Campus​

Campus Police - Provide service and protection to The Rhode Island College campus, properties, staff, faculty, visitors, and students.​​
Contact: (401) 456-8888

Career Development Center – Career counseling to identify and achieve career and academic goals.
Contact: (401) 456-8031

Community Equity and Diversity Division – Committed to ensuring that diversity and inclusion are active and ongoing processes that promote social justice and equity college-wide.

Disability Services Center – A primary resource to educate, train, and guide the college community in understanding disability access, rights, and responsibilities.
Contact: (401) 456-2776

Green Dot – Bystander intervention program aiming to reduce all forms of interpersonal violence.
Contact: Dr. Ryan Porell

Health Services – Primary care health services for students at RIC.
Contact: (401) 456-8055

Interfaith Services – Resources on various faiths and religions; opportunities for prayer, worship and meditation.
Contact: (401) 456-8791, Located in the Unity Center

International Student Office – Supports the institution’s internationalization effort and facilitates and enhances the academic experiences of undergraduate and graduate international students.
Contact: Dr. Karina Mascorro

Institutional Equity – Education, training and outreach regarding issues of access, equity, opportunity and Title IX. The director of Institutional Equity serves as the Title IX coordinator and Affirmative Action officer for the College.
Contact: (401) 456-8218

Learning for Life – Connects students to peer advocates as well as other on-campus and off-campus resources.
Contact: (401) 456-6320

LGBTQ+ and Gender Office - Advocacy for the various concerns, both academic and personal, of the LGBTQ+ campus community and its allies.
Contact: (401) 456-9033

Nutrition and Eating Concerns – The services of a Licensed, Registered Dietitian are available to RIC students wanting information on general nutrition, weight management, food allergies, or specific therapeutic diets.
Contact: Bethany Tucker (401) 456-8477

OASIS – Tutorial services and academic advising.
Contact: (401) 456-8083

Office of Student Life – Repeating, dropping, or transferring a course; taking an incomplete; and many other academic concerns
Contact: (401) 456-8061

Office of Student Success – Designed to assist students in identifying and meeting their needs; to promote an environment conducive to intellectual, social, cultural and physical development.
Contact: Melissa Braga (401) 456-8845

Preparatory Enrollment Program (P.E.P.) – Support and resources for 1st generation college students
Contact: (401) 456-8237

RICovery - An educational community for students in and around recovery. This organization aims to create a safe and open environment for students to receive support from each other as well as learn about recovery.

Sherlock Center on Disabilities – Provides early intervention and education; addresses transition, employment, and adult life; and assists with leadership development. 
Contact: (401) 456-8072

Student Activities – Student engagement and leadership resources. Hub for student organizations, campus involvement, and Greek Life.
Contact: (401) 456-8034

Unity Center – Provides a safe space for exploring issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, and enhancing cultural awareness for the RIC community.
Contact: (401) 456-8791

Upward Bound – Support for low-income, potential first-generation college students with obtaining the skills and motivation necessary to complete high school and to enter and succeed in college
Contact: (401) 456-8081

Military Resource Center  – Programs, services, guidance, and advice for student veterans.
Contact: (401) 456-8449

Writing Center  – The center facilitates and promotes development of greater awareness of the writing process for writers through discussion, guidance, and skilled tutoring
Contact: (401) 456-8141

Mindfulness Recordings

Body Scan Meditation

Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World

Free Mindfulness

Mindful Self-Compassion and Psychotherapy

The Mindfulness Solution

Variety of Recordings in English and Spanish

Related Resources

American Psychological Association - Psychology Help Center

A Guide for College Students With Psychiatric Disabilities

Explanation of common mental health concerns

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