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Counseling Center

From left to right: Malerie Schwartz, Ellie Schmidt, Kyla Kennedy, Julia Kamenetsky, Aaron Kaplan, 
Tom Lavin, Ryan (and Lily) Porell, Denise Smith, Donna Lamoureux

ATTENTION: The Counseling Center has moved from Craig-Lee Hall to a new, short-term location near Browne residence hall. The Center will be housed in modular office units set up in Parking Lot M next to Browne Hall.

Growth and development are the natural state of all stages of life. Although the college years are a time of tremendous growth, learning, and excitement, they are also invariably a time of challenge, stress, and, at times, distress and conflict.

The Counseling Center at Rhode Island College exists to help students fully develop their intellectual, emotional and social potential, and to alleviate the distress and conflicts which may interfere with that development. We offer a wide range of services to assist students in their efforts to learn and thrive during a life stage and in an environment of both great opportunity and challenge. Our main function is individual counseling and short-term psychotherapy for personal, career, and educational problems. In addition, we offer a variety of group workshops and programs, vocational interest and personality testing, substance abuse evaluation, crisis intervention, self-help literature and audiotapes, and a stress management laboratory. When problems are beyond our resources or competence, we can refer you to appropriate services in the community.

All of these services, which are available to any current Rhode Island College student, are free, confidential and professional.

The staff of the Counseling Center grieves with our nation and members of our own community over the ongoing cycle of violence and senseless loss of life that have been occurring this summer, and in truth, throughout our history. We know that the sense of safety among members of communities who are feeling targeted will be impacted in a different way than for those who are not part of those communities. However, with our President, we believe that this is a time for all of us to come together, with open hearts, in honest and mutually respectful dialog. In accordance with the Counseling Center’s long-standing history of being committed to social justice, we stand in solidarity with all members of the RIC community who are impacted by these events, and continue to offer an environment of safety for all those seeking support.

Page last updated: September 22, 2017